A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Solution

Our automated DEI platform helps HR professionals build the world's most inclusive workplaces.

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The Problem

Employee turnover rates are costing companies an annual of $64 Billion due to the unfair treatment of diverse employees across companies in the US. These employees mainly consist of Women, People of the Global Majority, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized populations. Four factors contribute to the turnover rate of these populations are:

➠ Weak Benchmarks
➠ Inadequate Assessments
➠ Lack of Expertise
➠ No clear trajectory from the problem to the solution

The Solution

Inclusology is the first tool of its kind to use artificial intelligence to provide automated solutions for our clients. These solutions are based on the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks.

Proven Results


13% annual increase in new hire diversity for companies within a year of using our software platform


4X the increase in employee retention for companies within a year of using our software platform


8% decrease in discrimination complaints within 9 month of using our software platforms

Useful Features

We use machine learning to generate 

➠ Company Profiles
➠ Analyze Employee Engagement Assessments by Demographics
➠ Automated Industry (Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks)  Benchmarking
➠ Develop recommended real-time solutions for employers looking to solve their internal diversity, equity, and inclusion issues across stakeholder groups


Accelerate your data collection and analysis with AI analytics tools built specifically to assess DEI maturity within organizations.


Incorporate multiple dimensions of identity into your analysis for a clear picture on what DEI looks like for your employees


We'll partner with you to customize our platform to fit your business needs.