We Address Bias

"As a CEO/Founder running a business during a pandemic, when the state of the economy has us all fearful, we have to keep going. We realize that we have a team depending on us and a more inclusive world to build. If this pandemic has taught us anything it's that inequities are real and the world needs our tech more than ever. As we create, adjust, and change the culture of our workplaces, inclusion has to be a major priority."

- Cheryl Ingram, CEO/Founder of Inclusology. 

Building a More Inclusive Workplace

Our features are built on centering the employee experience to support you and your business to be all inclusive for all employees.

Using machine learning, our system is built to generate company profiles and analyze customizable employee engagement assessments. 

Then use the data from those assessments to create automated benchmarks that also compare industry performance, and develop recommended real-time solutions to employers looking to solve their internal diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.


Accelerate your data collection and analysis with AI analytics tools built specifically to assess DEI maturity within organizations.


We'll partner with you to customize our platform to fit your business needs.


With SSL integration, our platform keeps your data safe and confidential.

How We’re Different from our Competitors

  • Automated Industry Ranking and Benchmarking
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Algorithms to Measure Performance
  • Solutions
  • Automated Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  • Built in Referral System