Our Mission: Making all workplaces, all
inclusive for all employees

Our Story

In 2016, our CEO & Founder was sitting in an all-staff meeting reviewing our programmatic recruitment and retention numbers of our program participants. Cheryl recalls how her colleagues celebrated the increase in diverse identities within their program. In the next slide of the presentation, there was simultaneously a substantial increase in the turnover rate of the participants, in particular the Black males in our program—70%.


“I won’t ever forget that number because I was the lead that redeveloped our assessment in order to make our recruitment process more inclusive, which means I was also the person who overlooked factors that contributed to our turnover rate within our company culture. You see I was so focused on recruitment, that I made the same mistake many companies are making today that are doing inclusion work, they are not prioritizing building an inclusive culture.”

 - Cheryl Ingram, CEO & Founder 



Vowing to never make that mistake again and tapping int the perspective of her own identities and inherited responsibilities, Cheryl created Inclusology.

Our Team

With over 30 years combined of success in enterprise, small business, and consultancy our founding team has the skills to build and help sell our product and build a sustainable high performing innovative technology.

Cheryl Ingram
CEO and Founder
Jillian Love
Ramsey Kincannon
Business Data Analyst
Ibrahim Diabate
Tech Lead

Our Board

Our board is composed of major heavy hitters in the VC, HR, DEI and technology space.

Gillian Muessig
Board President
Mikaela Kiner
HR Advisor
Andrew Glover
Tech Advisor
Effenus Henderson
DEI Advisor