We believe that every person should be able to show up to work as their full selves. Representation is not enough. The world needs workplaces in which every single person can bring all their creativity, skills and power to the table. And when that doesn’t happen, it’s not just individuals that pay the price. Unfairness in the workplace costs employers in the U.S. $64 billion each year.

Inclusology’s mission is to eradicate discrimination and oppression in the workplace.

We envision a world in which all workplaces are all inclusive for all employees. Our goal is to equip diversity equity and inclusion champions with the tools, benchmarks, and best practices they need to move the needle on DEI within their organizations.

Founded in 2017, the Inclusology team is made up of Cheryl Ingram, Marleigh Chiles, Lindsey Wilson, Dan McInally, and David Almeida